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From Nancy Pelosi to Bill de Blasio, Democrats have consistently given their constituents and Americans in general bad advice in dealing with coronavirus.

VIDEO SUPERCUT: Democrats Give Americans Dangerous Coronavirus Advice

Bernie Sanders and some members of the far-left 'Squad' are calling on U.S. sanctions on Iran to be lifted during the coronavirus crisis.

AOC and Omar Calling For Sanctions to Be Lifted On Iran During Coronavirus Crisis

Former national security adviser Susan Rice accused the United States of

Susan Rice Accuses America of Race-Baiting After Pompeo Refers to “Wuhan Virus”

Senator Mitch McConnell tore into Democrats for distracting lawmakers from being better equipped in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mitch McConnell Points Directly at Democrats For Distracting From Coronavirus Crisis

Trump blasted Jim Acosta as

Trump Dismisses Jim Acosta, Challenges Him to Ask a Real Question