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FBI Deputy Director Admits Obama Admin Purged 500,000 Felons from Background Check Database

Bernie Sanders Shows Up to Anti-Gun Rally With Armed Security

Court Rules: Ban on Sanctuary Cities In Texas Can Begin

President Trump Slams Hillary Clinton And Obama During Speech at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station

Candace Owens Battles Jehmu Greene: Black Community Has Been Sold out by You, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Trump Voters: They Don’t Like ‘Black People Getting Rights’ or ‘Women Getting Jobs’

Hillary Clinton asserted that she won all areas of the country with high GDP, in other words, the affluent, where people are “optimistic,” “dynamic,” and “moving forward.” By contrast, Trump won the backward areas, consisting of people who don’t “like black people getting rights,” and “don’t like women” getting jobs.

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