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Across the board, government leaders, health officials, and the American public have high praise for President Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

President Trump Is Receiving High Praise For His Coronavirus Response

After mocking President Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for coronavirus, many media outlets are admitting he was right.

Media Forced to Admit Trump Was Right About Malaria Drug After Blaming Him For Killing a Man

Trump on a nationwide lockdown:

Trump on Why He’s Not Forcing Nationwide Lockdown: ‘We Have this Thing Called the Constitution’

President Trump, weary of criticism from Chuck Schumer, sent a letter to the Democrat that eviscerates him as a

Trump Fires Off Letter to Chuck Schumer So Brutal It Left Him ‘Appalled’

According to Nancy Pelosi, impeachment didn’t slow down the CoronaVirus response because everybody knew about the problem.

Pelosi Knew About Coronavirus During Impeachment – Why Didn’t She Act?