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Maxine Waters on Trump:

(VIDEO) Maxine Waters: Gangs Like the Crips and Bloods Have ‘More Integrity’ than Trump

MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are spreading misinformation by suggesting President Trump is

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, O’Donnell Falsely Claim Trump ‘Collaborating’ With Russia to Steal Election


(VIDEO) Bernie Sanders: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Entitled’ to the Same Government Benefits as Citizens

Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar argues that illegal immigrants and so-called 'dreamers' are the

Klobuchar: Illegal Immigrants Are The Future of This Country

A self-described former Democrat praises President Trump for improving the economy and helping him get off of food stamps.

Former Democrat Outside KAG Rally Credits Trump for Coming Off Food Stamps