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Espaillat believes illegals should receive checks because they

Rep. Espaillat: Illegal Immigrants Should Receive Stimulus Checks

Jonathan Karl took a couple of swipes at CNN reporter Jim Acosta in a new memoir, claiming he consistently falls into President Trump's media strategy.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl Says Jim Acosta Needs to Stop Acting Like Part of the Resistance

Barack Obama took a not-so-veiled swipe at President Trump, accusing his administration of 'denying' warning signs on coronavirus.

Obama Accuses Trump of Denying Coronavirus Warnings, Ted Cruz Fires Back Hard

AOC says that the U.S. has not had a female president because the country is sexist and racist. 'We got a lot of catching up to do.'

VIDEO: AOC Says US Has Not Had a Female President Because the Country Is Sexist and Racist

CNN's Jim Acosta attempted to get Dr. Fauci to say the President didn't react quickly enough to the coronavirus crisis. In fact, he said the exact opposite.

Dr. Fauci Slaps Down Jim Acosta Attempt To Say Trump’s Coronavirus Response Was Too Slow