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    December 1, 2020

    Cornyn Spokesperson on Biden’s OMB Pick: ‘Zero Chance’ Neera Tanden is Confirmed

    A spokesperson for Senator John Cornyn stated Neera Tanden, President-elect Joe Biden's reported pick to head the OMB, has "zero…
    December 1, 2020

    (VIDEO) Cheers Erupt After Giuliani Says ‘Your Political Career Is Worth Losing If You Can Save the Right to Vote in America’

    Giuliani at election fraud hearing: "Do not be bullied. Do not be frightened. Your political career is worth losing if…
    December 1, 2020

    Fox News Host Mocks Trump: ‘Can’t Wrap His Brain’ Around Losing

    Fox News host Eric Shawn took shots at President Donald Trump suggesting he is unable to “wrap his brain around…
    November 30, 2020

    Rudy Giuliani: Democrats Cut Off the Vote then Started to Bring in False Votes

    Giuliani: "They started bringing in false ballots. We have three witnesses to 100,000 of those ballots being brought in at…
    November 30, 2020

    ‘Achievements Of GOP Women Don’t Count’: Trump’s Female-Led Comms Team Slams Media For Celebrating All-Female Biden Comms Team

    Members of President Trump’s communications team criticized media reports that Joe Biden has made history through the first all-female communications…
    November 30, 2020

    Trump Praises Carter Page’s Lawsuit Against FBI And DOJ, Asks ‘Where’s Durham?’

    President Trump expressed frustration at the pace of the DOJ investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, while praising…
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