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The Associated Press is calling out Democrats for distorting the truth on the Trump administration's preparedness in dealing with coronavirus.

AP Fact-Check Slams Democrats For Lying About Coronavirus Readiness

Anton J. Gunn, a one-time advisor to former President Barack Obama, downplayed the role of the public in selecting the Democrat nominee.

VIDEO: Former Obama Adviser Admits Elites of the Democratic Party Decide the Nominee, Not Voters

Barack Obama, in an attempt to help his former Veep, sent a cease and desist letter to television stations demanding they stop running an anti-Joe Biden ad.

Obama Steps In To Help Biden, Demands TV Stations Pull Attack Ads

Nancy Pelosi refuses to say whether or not leading presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' socialist platforms are mainstream in the Democrat party.

VIDEO: Pelosi Refuses to Say If Bernie Sanders Agenda Is ‘Mainstream’

Nikki Haley verbally slapped down presidential candidate Joe Biden after reports surfaced that he questioned her intelligence at a rally in South Carolina.

Biden Questions Nikki Haley’s ‘Brains,’ She Immediately Slaps Him Down