Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) said that the recent beheadings of American journalists does not justify air strikes by the U.S., even going so far as to suggest the atrocities were committed because “we were on their ground.”

Johnson would add that Americans “need to be careful where they are.”

The comments made during an interview seem to suggest that American reporters James Foley and Steven Sotloff had themselves to blame for their brutal executions.

Watch …

Johnson tells a reporter that “they (ISIS) did not attack in the U.S.” and that she “will not support unilateral strikes.” Which then leads to this exchange:

Reporter:  Well, they did kill two Americans.

Johnson:  Yes.

Reporter:  So America, to a lot of people that means we’ve been attacked. Do you see it that way?

Johnson:  Not necessarily. We were on their ground. It was not in the U.S. We need to protect Americans wherever they are. But Americans also need to be careful where they are.”

Really? Going with the ‘they had it coming’ argument? The entire segment provided by NBCDFW can be seen below (relevant portion at about 2:45) …

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