A topless woman at the Sage Colleges in New York was asked to cover up by security, and she is now claiming emotional distress over the incident.

“I felt forced to put a shirt back on,” Cedar Brock, an easily frightened student at the campus said. “I was scared.”

Brock, who had been wearing a ‘binder’ to cover her ‘breasts’ earlier in the day, decided it was too hot and removed it.

All hell broke loose when a security officer asked her to put a shirt on, and now the student body is planning a big topless protest over police discrimination.

Via the Times Union:

Students at the Troy campus of The Sage Colleges are planning to go topless Wednesday to protest what they believe was discriminatory police treatment of a student who identifies as androgynous.

The incident happened Sunday evening, when a school security officer approached Cedar Brock, who was sunbathing topless in a public park that fronts the campus and is across from the Troy Public Library.

“Are you a boy or a girl?” the officer asked.

“I’m neither,” Brock said. “I’m androgynous.”

Here is the androgynous Brock …


Brock went full martyr, saying “It’s not just my rights that were trampled on, it was everyone’s rights that were trampled on.”

Such a warrior for the people.

Past court rulings have determined that women going topless in New York is legal, so long as it is not for commercial purposes.

So from a legal standpoint, it appears Brock’s most egregious violation involves decency and common sense.

Brock is listed by two siblings on Facebook as their sister, suggesting they have no issues identifying her as a female.

Perhaps she is ‘scared’ when she sees them on social media.


Oh, and here’s the best part – Brock is claiming she’s not a woman and simply “androgynous” while attending a college that describes itself as “a comprehensive college for women nestled within the historic district of Troy, NY.”

A college for women!

The organization providing security to the Sage Colleges is already indicating they will need diversity training for their officers over this incident.

Director Robert Grebert said the matter was a “training issue” and indicated “some students are concerned about a lack of sensitivity.”

Those same students are not at all upset about the lack of sensitivity toward others, who might not want to view a half-naked woman sunbathing in the middle of a college campus.