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Pro-Life Abortion Barbie

Pro-Life Candidate Wins Seat Vacated By ‘Abortion Barbie’

Election night saw a euphoric wave of Republican victory after Republican victory, a satisfying turn of events after an incredibly disappointing two years since Obama won re-election. Here is a little tidbit from the elections that might have escaped national scrutiny, but could amount to one of the most satisfying moments in politics – especially…

Wendy Davis Disabled Wheelchair

Wendy Davis Campaign Aide Literally Drags Disabled Man Across Stage

Texas Democrat, gubernatorial candidate, and abortion aficionado Wendy Davis is having what Disney might refer to as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. First, her campaign unveiled an ad which featured slow-motion, black and white panning close-ups of a wheelchair, accompanied by the words “A tree fell on Greg Abbott.” Because, being a…

Illegals Are Allowed to Fly Without ID

Illegals Are Allowed to Fly Without ID

The National Border Patrol Council has reported that illegal immigrants are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without identification.  The general public would never be allowed to board a plane without proper ID, yet people who have entered the country illegally are being given a free pass. The illegal immigrants are only asked to…

Rick Perry Business Empire State

Texas, Not New York, Reigns as the Business Empire State

Last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry challenged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to a friendly debate over economic policies. Perry issued the challenge during a trip to the Empire state in which he was to meet business owners, trying to convince them to move their operations to Texas. Cuomo, when given a chance to defend against Perry’s…

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