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Jay Carney Confused Laughed At

Top 9 Times the Media Literally Laughed At the Obama Administration

Jen Psaki’s recent assertion that the President “doesn’t give himself enough credit” for his foreign policy, reminds us that every now and again the White House says or does something so ridiculous that even his good friends in the media have to let loose with a laugh. With that, here are the top 9 times the press…

General Shinseki Resigns

Secretary Eric Shinseki Resigns Over VA Scandal

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned from his post stemming from a scandal that cost numerous veterans their lives.  President Obama begrudgingly accepted. Eric Shinseki resigns: Recent reports by the Veterans Affairs inspector general revealed that officials throughout the VA system falsified medical records in an attempt to mask wait times for patients – a tactic that…


Reality Alert: Obamacare Registration May “Hover in the Single Digits”

While hackers are inflating Obamacare demand numbers, a new report by the Washington Post seems to suggest that the overwhelming success of the exchanges touted by the Obama administration, are significantly less than reported. Sarah Kliff reports that the federal ObamaCare exchanges enrollment numbers may only have been “in the single digits.” And the Post…

New Video Asks: Was Hillary Clinton Part of the Benghazi Cover Up?

That’s what we in the business call, a ‘rhetorical question’.  The cover up by the administration has been rather obvious.  The cover up of the cover up being provided by the media has been utterly disgraceful. American Crossroads this morning released a new video, “Benghazi,” detailing the massive contradictions between the statements of former Secretary…

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