Alton Nolen – or Jah’Keem Yisrael as he has come to be known on Facebook – is the lone suspect in agrisly beheading of a woman in Oklahoma. Nolen’s mother and sister meanwhile, took to YouTube and presented a curious defense of Nolen, saying among other things that he was always a “people person” and that there are “two sides to every story.”

While it’s understandable to offer an insight into Nolen’s upbringing, and to show that the family environment was not what led to Nolen’s actions, the “two sides to every story” argument is rather shocking. One has to wonder what version of events could possibly lead to the justification for Nolen to behead a co-worker, and begin stabbing another.

Watch the mother/sister video …

Meanwhile, a childhood friend of Nolen’s says that growing up, he always had a tendency toward violence.

Via Truth Revolt:

Alton Nolen, the suspect in the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma this week, grew up in a rough neighborhood in the small town of Idabel, and was filled with anger and resentment, according to a friend from the neighborhood. Nolen “always had a temper” and a tendency toward violence, says Kenneth Tucker, a former Army reservist, corrections officer, and cop, currently working the oil fields in Oklahoma, who was friends with the suspect growing up. Tucker was “not surprised” to learn of the violent attack.

“I knew that he had a temper,” says Tucker. “I knew that, like, most of us who grew up where we grew up … we had attitudes. We grew up in a rough neighborhood and we grew up poor.”

Tucker says that while Nolen was indeed a convert to Islam, his actions speak more to his violent nature which had already been established through an extensive rap sheet prior to his religious transformation.

While he may have had aggressive tendencies and a criminal background prior to finding Islam, that aggression kicked up a notch afterward as he frequently posted Facebook rants supporting terrorism, announced that Sharia Law was coming to America, and agreed to the premise that women should be stoned for transgressions – a topic which allegedly led to his firing at Vaughn Foods.

Whatever his motivations for the beheading of an Oklahoma woman, it’s difficult to fathom another ‘side to the story’ that could ever justify his actions.