CaptureDef-Jam co-founder and hip hop business magnate, Russell Simmons, has unveiled a brand new animated cartoon featuring President Obama as a superhero named B-Rock – and from viewing the trailer, it’s quite the racist and misogynistic effort.

First, here is the description of the new B-Rock cartoon:

An outrageous, irreverent, and hilarious spin on the Obama White House, B-ROCK chronicles the adventures of our 44th President’s eponymously-named super-alter ego. Leading the Free World isn’t an easy task. And while diplomacy is preferred, sometimes the President needs to put down his ego-suppressing Cool cigarettes and get “gangsta,” transforming into the trash-talking, butt-kicking, doorag-wearing gangsta, B-ROCK. No pundit, politician, or terrorist is safe from his wrath…

The trailer, seen below, immediately starts off with Obama in bed, describing his “stimulus package” in a “nut … shell.”  To which Michelle responds that she likes “your stimulus and your package”, but complains that she just sweat her perm out.

Because the creativity involving a sexual joke about a stimulus package is off-the-charts original.

For the misogynistic viewer, we have clip highlights showing scantily clad strippers gyrating on poles, and scantily clad women smacking themselves on the ass.

Other features include the superhero version of Obama going all “gangsta” by sporting a wife beater, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, a do-rag, and wielding some heavy “gangsta” weaponry.  At one point, B-Rock grabs ahold of a missile, crushes it, and says, “I smoked joints bigger than this.”

A careful look at the trailer at about the 1:11 mark even shows the President with his pants around his ankles in the Oval Office, masturbating to porn on his computer.

Imagine had a conservative produced this crap.


Oddly enough, Twitchy points out how Simmons once ripped conservative commentator Michelle Malkin by explaining that he is a better parent, by teaching his kids to meditate, not shoot guns.

Apparently, Simmons doesn’t believe that creating an animated cartoon about the role-model President going “gangsta” and shooting high-powered rifles at his enemies, is teaching them poor behavior.

It should also be noted that Simmons is a top Obama campaign bundler, and as such, will likely get a pass on this.

Obama and his supporters should immediately denounce this trash.