This should come as fantastic news to former President Bill Clinton, or on a smaller scale the serial molester Vito Lopez and his enabler Sheldon Silver.

Via the New York Post:

It’s bad enough that unpaid interns can’t earn wages — but now a federal judge has ruled they’re not even protected from being groped by their bosses.

Manhattan federal Judge Kevin Castel determined that Lihuan Wang, a former intern at Phoenix Satellite Television US, couldn’t bring a sex-harassment claim against the Chinese-language broadcasting company and her former supervisor there because unpaid interns aren’t employees — so they’re not covered by the city’s Human Rights Law.

Castel also pointed out that the City Council has had various opportunities to amend the law to protect interns, but has failed to do so.

Wang claims, according to the suit, that a supervisor tried kissing her by force and squeezing her backside on one occasion, and on another invited her to stay with him at a hotel.

The company and her former supervisor, Zhengzhu Liu, have faced several similar lawsuits.

This seems to be another case of antiquated wording of laws in New York.  It was just last year that a bill had to be introduced which explicitly made the viewing of child pornography online illegal.  A New York Court of Appeals ruling had previously indicated that merely viewing the material online was perfectly legal.