During a segment with colleague Jose Diaz-Balart of MSNBC, Chris Matthews made the rather predictable assertion that using the word ‘Islamic’ when discussing terrorism, is actually racist.

Of course, Matthews is the same man who thought the word ‘Chicago‘ was racist. As well as the word ‘lawless.’

Which makes one wonder if the man’s head would implode if he ever had to cover a story involving a lawless Islamic terrorist from Chicago.

Via Real Clear Politics:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It was a great speech. I thought it was a case in which the president of the United States didn’t just speak at the U.N. but to the U.N. He was talking to the members of the U.N. Some was good politics making the connection with his grandmother coming from 100 miles away from Nairobi. Talking about the mea culpa of America not being a perfect country. We should have been better on public health in the third world, especially a reference implicitly to Ebola. Making a clear point that he’s not against Islam.

Some of the right, even Scott Brown up in N.H. is talking about Islamic terrorism. They always throw in the world Islamic making an ethnic thing. He said I’m not going to let it become an ethnic thing. It’s the terrorism I’m against not Islam. Made that point strong.

Watch …

While liberals continue to fight over words and labels, Islamic extremists continue to behead innocent civilians. All the while, the media criminally continues to whistle through the graveyard. And dolts like Matthews pretend it’s racist to point out the relationship between Islam and terrorism.

This mindset equates to fear. That is why liberals refuse to stand up to radical Islam, and it is why the media refuses to accurately portray the level of rage being executed in the name of the tenets of radical Islam. They are afraid.

Please stop.

Journalism is a profession. Stop acting like amateurs.

At some point Chris Matthews, you and your colleagues will have to grow a spine when it comes to the threat of Islamic terrorism. At some point, you will have to stop pussyfooting and tiptoeing your way around the subject matter. In the end, you will have to address reality, and not continue to long for some fantasy world that exists only in your minds.

Until we hold Matthew’s and the media’s feet to the fire on this, we will have failed the victims of the Boston bombing. We will have failed the victims of the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. Those killed in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. At the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. With the USS Cole bombing in 2000. At the Fort Hood massacre in 2009. And of course, September 11th.

All in the name of Islam.

We will have failed them all.

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