A Manhattan judge this week ruled that hiding behind the guise of artistry is a perfectly acceptable way to photograph little children through their bedroom windows.  The judge tossed out a lawsuit brought by parents against an artist who was snapping pictures of their children through an apartment window.

Of course, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise here in New York, a state that actually had to pass a new law last year making the viewing of child pornography online an illegal activity.

Via the New York Post (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Keep your shades down, New York.

A Manhattan judge ruled this week that artistic freedom trumps the rights of parents who don’t want their kids secretly photographed through the windows of their homes.

Judge Eileen Rakower tossed a lawsuit brought by two parents against a Tribeca artist who snapped pictures of their children through their apartment windows as part of a controversial exhibition this year.

“What are the implications here for parents?” said a friend of the plaintiffs yesterday. “You can just have people shooting your kids in their bedrooms, and nothing can be done about it? You can’t just hide behind the word ‘art’ to behave poorly.”

The “artist’s” pictures were of the children doing mundane activities, but were being sold at an exhibit for up to $10,000 apiece.

The parents argued that the photographers actions violated “the standards of morality in the community”, but Rakower said his artistic freedom superseded any privacy concerns.