Daily News columnist and extra-white Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King, took to twitter recently in a bizarre series of tweets that showed every time he looks at a gun he actually sees a penis.

While that opening statement might make little sense at first, his tweets show exactly what we’re talking about.

King deleted those messages, not out of shame in seeing something sexual about a gun, but because older social media ramblings showed he was a big fan of a 9mm that he keeps loaded with “hollow-point bullets.”

It got worse when the Daily Caller discovered that King wrote about a story in his own self-help book that indicated he had been fired from a job at Morehouse College … because he flashed a gun during a crowded block party.

Here is the excerpt from King’s own words:

One day I was leaving the campus in our car on my way to a Bible study. Little did I know that a block party was being hosted in the middle of the campus, and I had to drive through it to leave. As I slowly drove the car into the crowd, one guy banged his hand on the hood and started jawing at me. I showed my work ID, thinking he was a student, but he didn’t care. It seemed like a lot of the crowd was made up of people who shouldn’t have been on campus. At that moment, another guy reached his hand into the car window as if to grab me, but I couldn’t push the car forward because of the crowd. At that point, I made a decision that got me out of the raucous crowd but cost me my job in the process. Looking at the young man next to my window, I put my handgun (legally owned) on the dash of my car. Quickly, he took his hand out of the window, the guy banging on the hood moved away, the crowd cleared out, and I drove on through.

He went on to write, “While I didn’t break any laws, it was far from my best moment as a leader at Morehouse.”

King added, “I was asked to resign a few weeks later. I lost my income, and we lost our home. It was a mess all around.”

This isn’t the first time the Daily News columnist has been exposed as a hypocrite and fraud. As we mentioned previously, he pretends to be black despite being born to two white parents – as exposed here in this Daily News report (oh, the irony).  He was also called out for supporting and suggesting people make donations to charities that never existed.

In short, everything that exists in Shaun King’s mind exists there exclusively, and nowhere near reality. Making him an ideal employee for the Daily News.