Give MSNBC credit – they know their audience. An audience that consists predominantly of left-leaning, yoga-loving, safe space-hiding, special little snowflakes.

During a segment with Rachel Maddow, viewers had to be warned that they may want to look away before airing a particularly unsettling video clip.

What was the warning – usually reserved for graphic content – for, exactly?

They didn’t want their viewers to be subjected to gruesome, stomach-churning … anti-Hillary buttons.

No, we’re being serious.

Maddow warned her audience before airing the clip that “you may find it uncomfortable” and “may not want to look at this stuff” before showing RNC vendor buttons that said “Hillary for prison” and others that referred to her as “Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.”

Via NewsBusters:

Warning, sensitive MSNBC viewers may want to look away. That’s essentially what Rachel Maddow told liberal watchers on Wednesday night before showing a picture of anti-Hillary Clinton buttons at the Republican convention. Considering the hateful rhetoric that’s come out of MSNBC for years, perhaps that viewer warning should have appeared in the past.

The buttons included ones that read “Hillary for prison” and “Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016.” Maddow informed viewers, “You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff. But these are some of the pins that are being sold at the venue.

Maddow continued, “But from calling Hillary Clinton a bitch, to the KFC special referring to her breasts and thighs and left-wing and all of those other things. That’s part of the merchandise of the RNC.”

Oh the humanity!

Watch the segment below …


Social media users rightfully mocked the segment …


It’s not the first time the network has laughably warned viewers over something mundane. In 2014, MSNBC’s Joy Reid warned viewers that a clip she was about to play had the word ‘Redskins’ in it. Like the football team. That’s been around since 1932 and was named the Redskins in 1937.

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