Okay now, who is more of a joke in this scenario, the guy willing to open a trench coat to reveal a fake penis, or the guy who perpetually shows people his penis?

Former State Senate candidate, Charles Castro, showed up at a mayoral debate rally last night and had a unique way of protesting the candidacy of Anthony Weiner.

Via Politicker:

A man in a raunchy anti-Anthony Weiner costume and another with an anti-gay message against Council Speaker Christine Quinn crashed rallies outside of ABC’s studios in anticipation of tonight’s televised mayoral debate.

“He’s a flasher on the internet and he shouldn’t be running for office,” said Charles Castro, an Astoria resident inspired by Mr. Weiner’s sexting scandals to wear a costume depicting a man opening a trench coat to reveal his penis. “He’s a crazy man. It’s despicable, it’s a slap in the face to New York City.”

Mr. Castro, a security guard by trade, struck an ironically serious tone with Politicker despite his lewd get-up. He said he had a candidate he was supporting in the race but declined to name who it was. Instead, he simply insisted that it was the second wave of Mr. Weiner’s sexting scandal that drove him to buy such a costume.

Click here to see Mr. Castro in all his fake glory…

Turns out Castro is more than just a security guard.  He was a former police officer and 2002 Democrat candidate for the State Senate in District 13.  Here is the description from Gotham Gazette:

Charles Castro (Dem), a former police officer, is chief of staff to New York City Councilman Hiram Monserrate.

Additionally, Castro was fired from his job on the police force, and oft criticized for fabricating tall tales about his career.  The New York Post has a nice side-by-side comparison of Castro’s claims, and reality…

Had a distinguished 17-year career/Was fired for lying to internal investigators.

Decorated with eight medals/Received three medals

Was “a voice for strong effective community policing”/Once called community policing a “stroke” that will never work

Led “the most productive squad, year after year”/Never commanded a squad

Castro’s worst fairy tales involved a murder and suicide case, which eventually resulted in his firing.