Update to this story…

The Democrat War on Women continues.

Two of the complainants in the alleged sexual harassment case against Democrat Dennis Gabryszak have stated they received video text messages from the Assemblyman that showed him receiving oral sex in a bathroom stall.

Via Gothamist:

Because there’s nothing like a high-powered political position to make you think young ladies want to hear about your penis, an Albany Assemblyman has been accused of sexually harassing his female staffers, allegedly sending them a video of himself receiving oral sex, joking he had a tattoo on his genitalia, and telling one employee he “got a boner” when he saw her in the office.

The specific references to the video come from victims Jamie Campbell and Annalise Freling.  Campbell’s statement reads:



Freling’s complaint describes a nearly identical situation:


The Gothamist report adds:

And, oh, there’s more: Gabryszak allegedly told Freling he wanted to “lick her,” asked female employees to spend the night in his Albany apartment, suggested they wear bikinis to events, joked he had a tattoo on his penis, regularly talked about prostitutes and strip clubs and was generally just an all-around creep, according to the claim.

When asked if there was a culture in Albany that is degrading to women, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes deflected by saying it’s not just in Albany, it is a nationwide degradation of women.  However, not every state in America is consistently trying to cover up sexual harassment of women in the workplace quite the way Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Governor Cuomo have been doing.

Silver has, on multiple occasions, used taxpayer money to cover up sexual harassment and/or assault complaints against Democrat lawmakers or their staff throughout his career.  The Vito Lopez case was a prime recent example, in which an ethics committee found that earlier payoffs enabled Lopez to continue his reprehensible actions.  So why wouldn’t somebody like Gabryszak think it’s perfectly acceptable to harass his staffers?

Lopez, Kellner, Boxley … the list goes on.  If this were a Republican epidemic, their careers would be over after the first instance. But it is a Democrat epidemic, an epidemic that should stop with Silver or Cuomo.

Cuomo now says that if the allegations against Gabryszak are true, “I think he should resign.”  Unfortunately Governor, your statement lacks teeth.  Until focus is cast on Speaker Silver, the War on Women will continue unabated.

Silver has consistently swept sexual harassment complaints under the rug, has continually used taxpayer funds to placate victims, and by extension has allowed these unprofessional and abhorrent behaviors to be perpetrated upon other victims.  He has proven willing to sacrifice ethics for his allies in government.

He is a panderer to predators, and must resign himself.