Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in upstate New York has a solid baseball team this season. In fact, player Kyle Bestle believes “I think we have a real shot at going to the national championship.”

It would be the culmination of years worth of work, practice, and dedication to reach the nationals. A dream come true.

Alas, it is not to be. Why? Is it because of a player injury? An unfortunate outcome in the qualifying tournament?

Not quite.

The HVCC baseball team will not be going to nationals because of Governor Cuomo’s ban on non-essential travel to North Carolina, a state with the radical notion that bathrooms should be separated by biological identification.

Via CBS 6:

A little more than a week ago, the Hudson Valley Community College men’s baseball team got some tough news.

Players and coaches were told by school officials that should they qualify for the nationals in North Carolina, they won’t be permitted to go, as the college is restricting non-essential travel to the state under Gov. Cuomo’s executive order.

“It certainly doesn’t make much sense that they would impose a ban on young kids that have been working so hard to ultimately reach their goal,” said Dave Bestle.

The ban is in response to a North Carolina law that prohibits transgender people from using restrooms of the gender they associate with.

The Rensselaer County GOP posted a statement to Facebook saying it’s “sad to see the Hudson Valley Community College men’s baseball team caught up in an unnecessary political controversy.”

New York State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin chastised Cuomo’s “political grandstanding” for possibly preventing “these athletes from participating in a national tournament.”

“Cuomo goes to Cuba and embraces and praises a Communist dictator that jails and/or kills gay people,” McLaughlin wrote, “but a baseball team can’t go to North Carolina because of a law that says use the bathroom of your gender.”

He concluded, “The hypocrisy of Cuomo never ceases to amaze me.”

Cuomo banned travel to North Carolina, while hypocritically travelling to Cuba and planning a future venture to China, both countries with far more abhorrent records on discrimination.

The governor’s office claims the ban on non-essential travel would not apply to HVCC, saying community colleges are not state entities.

Hudson Valley however, is still using Cuomo’s ban as an excuse to keep the team out of nationals.

“We’re standing with Governor Cuomo and with New York’s many state agencies, departments and commissions that are doing the same,” representatives for the school said.

While the community college finds North Carolina’s transgender bathroom laws offensive, it didn’t stop administrators from taking a 10-day trip to China just months ago, stopping in “four major Chinese cities” in an effort to recruit students.

Somebody may want to inform Hudson Valley that LGBT discrimination in China is slightly worse than in North Carolina, and they should consider banning such outreach trips.

Via AFP:

The Communist government only decriminalised homosexuality in 1997, and listed it as a mental illness for another four years.

More recently tolerance has grown in larger Chinese cities, but conservative attitudes remain deeply engrained and workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians was common.

Further, there is no anti-discrimination provision for sexual orientation or gender identity under the Chinese Labour Law.

Outright Action International writes, “Discrimination against LGBT people continues to be written into many different areas of law in China.”

They add, “LGBT people in China largely lack legal recognition and legal protections.”

Here’s another head-spinning point to consider:

While the school may take offense to North Carolina’s bathroom laws and gender identification, HVCC actually once had a student who finds it ‘scary’ to identify as either male or female … star in an all-female cast … of the Vagina Monologues.

How offensive that must have been for the poor ‘girl.’ Will HVCC consider banning their own drama department?