• Allen West
    Allen West Mocks Cuomo’s Start-Up NY Program
    April 16, 2015  //  Andrew Cuomo, Business, Democrats, Jobs, New York, News, Taxes  //  No Comment

    Former Florida Rep. and current head of a prominent free-market think tank in Texas, Allen West, joined the growing chorus of people mocking Governor Cuomo for his Start-Up NY scam, a $53 million effort that has thus far produced 76 jobs in the Empire State. Start-Up NY is an initiative designed to Read more

  • Upstate New York Blight
    Report: Liberal Policies Are Turning Upstate New York Into Another Detroit
    April 14, 2015  //  Andrew Cuomo, Democrats, New York, News, Taxes  //  1 comment

    An incredible piece that appeared in the Deseret News this past week shows how Democrat platforms such as high taxes and over-regulation are turning upstate New York into another debacle like Detroit. The report focuses on Binghamton, a city once known as a powerhouse of industry but which now shares Read more

  • New York Taxpayers
    More Bad News For New York Taxpayers
    April 9, 2015  //  Andrew Cuomo, Economy, New York, News, Taxes  //  No Comment

    Another day, another sobering report for New York taxpayers. In a survey conducted by WalletHub, titled 2015’s Best & Worst States to be a Taxpayer, New York landed 46th overall, and dreadfully low in nearly every conceivable category. Via WNYT: If you’re looking for a good tax climate, New York State Read more

  • Cuomo Economic Outlook
    Report: New York’s Economic Outlook Ranks Dead Last
    April 8, 2015  //  Andrew Cuomo, Economy, Jobs, New York, News, Taxes  //  2 Comments

    A new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that measures economic outlooks based on 15 equally weighted policy variables, has ranked New York dead last in 2015. The publication states:  The 2015 economic outlook ranking is a forward-looking measure of how each state can expect to perform economically based on Read more

  • Pataki
    Pataki Wants to Rewrite Federal Tax Code
    March 10, 2015  //  2016 Election, New York, News, Obamacare, Taxes  //  No Comment

    Perhaps gearing up for a presidential run on the Republican ticket in 2016, former New York Governor George Pataki spoke at the Iowa Ag Summit this past weekend, vocalizing his positions on the federal tax code, cutting property taxes, environmental initiatives, net neutrality, Cuban trade relations, and Obamacare. Pataki told the Read more

  • Cigarette Tax
    Study: Soda, Cigarette Taxes Punish the Poor
    March 5, 2015  //  Culture, News, Taxes  //  No Comment

    A new study released by the Mercatus Center, a university-based research center, has sought to answer one question – Do sin taxes (taxes on unhealthy goods such as New York City’s soda tax, cigarette taxes, etc.) disproportionately effect poor people or families. Their conclusion? “They do.” Worse, these taxes have Read more

  • Al Sharpton Tax Cheat
    Perino Rips Sharpton: Americans Have Been Subsidizing His Lifestyle
    November 24, 2014  //  Crime, New York, News, Taxes  //  No Comment

    Al Sharpton has come under fire for having over $4.5 million in tax liens filed against him and his businesses, particularly from Fox’s Dana Perino who flatly stated, “I don’t care who he is” before ripping him for living a life of luxury off the backs of the American taxpayer. Read more